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Thomas Edison

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Thomas Edison was a great American inventor and businessman. Edison (Thomas Edison) developed several tips including phonograph and electric bulb. He was the first scientist to try the exploration work by putting a huge production theory and a huge team, so Edison is credited with establishing the first industrial laboratory. The 1093 patent alone in the US, Edison (Thomas Edison) is counted among the world’s greatest inventions. He transformed his whole life into changing the life of the world and the people, and filled the entire world with the light of the world through his hard work and his knowledge, like a lamp called light bulb. Edison is credited with establishing the world’s first laboratory. Thomas Edison is counted among the world’s greatest inventors.


The world’s great inventor Thomas Elva Edison was born on 11 February 1847 in Milan city of Ohio state. Edison was very curious, sharpness propaganda from the very beginning. His father’s name was Samuel Ogden Edison and his mother’s name was Nancy Matthew Elliott. Edison was the smallest in his house and his parents had 7th child. His ancestral family was Dutch, which had the nickname “Edison” since his old days. The great name of America’s great inventor and businessman Thomas Edison was Thomas Alva Edison’s full name. Thomas Edison also went to school to read like all the children, but from there the teacher drove Edison out of school by saying retardation. Because of that, only after 3 months, the school teachers removed Edison from school. This led Thomas Edison to study at his home. His mother was a teacher and he taught Edison at home. Their mother Edison taught to teach subjects them selves, due to which Edison studied the Dictionary of Science at the age of 10, with great texts of Hume, , Burton and Gibbon.

At the age of 9, his mother gave him the book of elementary science, so that he could learn to use chemistry at home only. From the study of that book, Edison not only understood the experiments but also showed interest in it. The school-borne had fired them by saying these words slow down. But the real reason was because of their low hearing. In childhood, due to their scarlet fever, their ability to hear was reduced but this is probably not entirely true. As the Edison grew, their ability to hear decreased and at one time it came that the ability to listen to their left ear was completely eliminated but they could hear from the right. He once said to himself that after the age of 12, I never heard of the song of birds again. Because of his studies from his mother, Edison had become inquisitive since his childhood so that he always used to do something.

“Once Edison asked someone how the birds fly. So someone told him that he eats insects, so he flies.To prove this matter, they caught some insects from their garden and grinded it to their friends and gave them drinks that they started flying like a poppin, but did they become sick? Seeing their such thinking, people called them crazy”.

Laboratory and job

Thomas Edison only worked at the age of 13. They used to sell newspapers along the railway side. Slowly he also made his own small laboratory with the money saved from his job. Edison bought chemicals, wires, and many things he needed from the money saved. Thomas Edison believed that if someone goes on the path of reform, he can find anything in his life. His mother also had a great hand in Edison’s success. At the age of 15, Thomas Edison started printing his own newspaper. They used to sell their newspapers daily to the railway. As daily, Thomas Edison was selling newspapers at the Railway Station, he saw the 3-year-old station master’s son walking on the tracks of Jimmy Railway. Running into Edison saved the child from the danger of coming. So with happiness the station Master Edison and told them about Telegram. By which Edison worked as a telephone operator for 5 years and later also used to improve the equipment of telegram.

The invention of Thomas Edison

America’s great inventor Thomas Alva Edison put his whole new invention. His first invention was the Electrical Vote Recorder, which was patented by Edison.Which could be used to ease the electoral process by the convergent bodies such as the US Congress. It was patented in 1668. But they did not find any buyers for their invention.After this he discovered the Universal Stock Printer, which succeeded in selling Edison. Edison’s invention cost around $ 5000 but he was ready to sell it for $ 3,000. After that, Edison made many inventions in the middle of 1870-76. After 1878, Edison started his search on a dielectric bulb. Addison used more than 10,000 experiments for the discovery of lightning bulb but he failed them, but still he did not give up and continued in his efforts and in the end, he did not believe in the light bulb. By completing this quest on 21 October 1879, he met the world over 40 consecutive hours of light bulbs.

Some of their search names


Thomas Edison worked for Menopark and the Orange factory for 50 years of his life and got the name of his 1093 inventions patent. On October 18, 1931, the great inventor of the world Thomas Elva Edison went away from the world. Even today, his inventions are appreciated throughout the world.

“Thomas Alva Edison was asked that while creating the ‘bulb’ you did not get frustrated even after failing about 10,000 times, Edison said that ‘I have searched 10,000 ways that do not work.”

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